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Camerton Consulting specialise in supporting professional service firms to understand, develop and implement the future of work inside their organisations. This includes deciding what sort of firm they want to be and how they can transform their culture and workforce accordingly.

We apply evidence-based practice and academic rigour to all we do, ensuring that each strategy is ideally suited to your organisation.

Future of work

Our focus is on the future of work and helping you develop pragmatic and innovative Human Resources (HR) strategies to attract and retain remarkable people.

Pragmatic advice

We have extensive experience in change management and know how to guide your organisation when implementing successful organisational culture changes.

Expert in inclusion, equity and diversity

We’re experts in creating gender-pay-gap policies and equitable work environments for every employee.

Our expertise

"Ali provided brilliant, pragmatic suggestions about the activities we could undertake to make sure we continued to be recognised as an industry leader for our dedication towards achieving gender equality."

Narelle Macfarlane,
HR Operations Manager - Alcoa

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